Planning and Development Services

Director: Dale Pernula
Building and Land Use Application Forms and Handouts
This page includes application forms maintained by the Planning & Development Services Department.
Other County forms are available from the main forms directory.

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Common Forms

Frequently Used Forms


Access Application

Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory Dwelling Unit - Information

Administrative Decision & Interpretation

Administrative Decision Application & Fact Sheet
Administrative Decision Criteria
Administrative Interpretation Application
Administrative Setback Reduction Application

Airport Environs Overlay

         Notice, Acknowledgement, Waiver, and Avigation Easement forms


Appeal or Request for Reconsideration


Discovery of Human Remains and Artifacts

Boundary Line Adjustment

Boundary Line Adjustment Application

Building (Residential and Commercial)

Building Permit Application Packet
Common Residential Building Codes
Construction Exempt from a Building Permit
Foundation Only Permits
Residential Energy Code Form
Wood Post Frame Building Policies
See also: Low-Impact Development
See also: Stormwater Management


Land Clearing, Grubbing, and Forest Practices

Code Enforcement

Request for Investigation

Comprehensive Plan Policy or Map Amendment

Comprehensive Plan/Zoning Map Amendment Request Form (Word .docx)
Comprehensive Plan Policy or Development Regulation Amendment Suggestion Form (Word .docx)


Certificate of Capacity
Certificate of Exemption
Concurrency Information
Determination Form

Critical Areas

Critical Areas Review Application and Checklist
Hazard Tree Review Application
Critical Areas Consultant List
Streams Flyer
Wetlands Flyer


Demolition Application
Residential Tank Removal Contractors Certification

EPA Information

Lead-based Paint Requirement Statement
Renovate Right Pamphlet
Contact for Lead-Based Paint Compliance
Steps to Lead Safe Renovation Pamphlet
Renovation Checklist


Fireworks Display Application
Fireworks Sales Application
Fireworks Stand Instructions


Application for Single Residential Lot or Structure – LOMA LOMR
Crawlspaces in the Floodplain
Elevation Certificate and Instructions
Garages in the Floodplain
Floodplain Permit Application
Use of Property Located in the Floodway
See also: Low-Impact Development

Forest Practices

Forest Land Conversion/COHP Application
Waiver of 6 Year Moratorium


Steep Slope Code Information (From IBC)


Grading Permit Application Packet
Driveway access road standards

Land Use & Development

Application Supplement
Land Division Application Checklist


Landscaping requirements

Lot Certification

Lot Certification Application
Lot Certification Information
Reasonable Use Application

Low Impact Development

Low Impact Development Dispersion Worksheet
Low Impact Development Dispersion Feasibility
Low Impact Development Bioretention and Rain Garden Feasibility
Low Impact Development Permeable Pavement Feasibility
Low Impact Development Techniques

Manufactured Mobile Homes

Manufactured Home Information
Manufactured Home Installations
Manufactured Home Title Elimination

Mechanical & Plumbing

Mechanical & Plumbing Application


Mining Information

Natural Resources Lands

Right to Manage Natural Resource Lands Instructions and Disclosure
Development In or Adjacent to Natural Resource Lands

Pipeline Safety

Pipeline Title Notice [.docx]

Pre-App & Pre-Development

Pre-Application Meeting Request Form
Pre-Application Meeting Waiver Form

Public Notices

Public Notice Posting Requirements

Request For Information | Public Records

Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles information

Renewable Energy

Solar and Wind


Comprehensive Plan/Zoning Map Amendment Request Form (Word .docx)


Environmental Checklist
SEPA Requirement Information
ESA Listed Salmonids Checklist


Septic System Installation Application
Installers Certification Application
Operation-Maintenance & Monitoring Requirement For Proprietary Onsite Sewage Systems
Septic As-Built Form
Septic Hardwire Setup Form


Setbacks Easement
Setbacks Worksheet


JARPA Instructions
Request for Ordinary High Water Mark Determination
Shoreline Substantial Development/Conditional Use/Variance Application
Shorelines Exemption Application
Shorelines Information Flyer

Special Use

Special Use Information
Home-Based Business Information

Form A: Temp Manufactured Home - Elderly or Disabled Family Member
Form B: Temp Manufactured Home - Accessory to Farm Dwelling Unit
Form C: Bed & Breakfast
Form D: Outdoor Outfitters Enterprises
Form E: Home Based Business II
Form F: Agricultural Processing Facility
Form G: Mineral Resource Overlay Pages
Form H: Personal Wireless Facility Pages
Form I: Rural Business Expansion and/or Rural Business Change of Use
Form J: Master Planned Resort Pages
Form K: Other

Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management Requirements
Impervious-Hard Surface Worksheet
Simplified Construction SWPPP Form


Variance Application
Variance Information & Criteria


Drinking water evaluation form for Building Permit (Connecting to Group A or B Public Water System) 
Individual Drilled Well Permit Application
Land Division with Individual Drilled Wells Application

Wireless Services Facilities

Determination of Eligible Facilities Request