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Public Health Food Safety
Permitting, Inspections, Illness Prevention and Investigation

Skagit County Public Health Department's Food Safety Program is responsible for inspecting and permitting retail food service establishments (FSE). Our mission is to prevent illnesses caused by improper preparation of food through foodworker education, consumer education, disease investigation, and inspections of everything from restaurants to high school concession stands.

Romaine Lettuce Alert
CDC advises that consumers not eat romaine lettuce harvested from the Salinas, California growing region.  Romaine lettuce from the Salinas growing region has been linked to a multi-state outbreak of E. coli 0157:H7. More information is available here.

Feasting with family and friends is part of many holiday celebrations. 
Follow simple tips to keep safe from food poisoning or foodborne illness during the holidays.

Retail Food Safety News

Food Handler Cards and Training
Annual Food Service Permits
Restaurants, Espresso Stands, Stores, Mobiles
Temporary Food Services Permits
Food Borne Illness Information
Consumer Food Safety


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