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Assessor: Danny Hagen

Mission Statement
Our mission is to serve the citizens of Skagit County by striving for the highest level in equity of assessment, efficiency of operation, and professionalism of our staff.




Attention all Skagit County residents and stakeholders: Please note that the Skagit County Assessor's Office will have a delayed opening on Thursday, March 28th. We will not be open to the public until 10:00 AM due to staff training. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding as we strive to enhance our services through professional development. Thank you for your cooperation.

New Senior Application Portal and Increased Limits

Skagit County is pleased to announce a new online application portal for the Senior Citizens and People with Disabilities Property Tax Exemption and updated income limits.

  • The new Portal offers a simplified and intuitive application process, allowing seniors to easily submit their exemption requests from the comfort of their homes or anywhere with internet access.
  • Seniors can conveniently upload required documents directly through the portal, eliminating the need for in-person visits and paper submissions.
  • Family members/friends/advocates can assist in the process at a time convenient for their schedule.
  • Income limits have increased to a maximum Combined Household Income of $48,000 from the previous $42,390.

The new Senior-Persons with Disabilities Property Tax Exemption Portal and increased income thresholds are significant steps towards making property tax relief more accessible to our deserving citizens.

The Skagit County Assessor’s Office encourages eligible seniors and persons with disabilities to explore the new portal and take advantage of the updated income thresholds.

Anacortes School District property inspections are in progress

All properties in the Anacortes School District are being revalued for the 2024 assessment year. Appraisers from the Assessor’s Office will inspect all commercial, farm and residential properties in the district. Except for properties issued building permits in the six years since, the last inspections for this area occurred in 2018.

Appraisers from the Assessor’s Office continue recent procedures with most inspections being limited to what can be observed from the street. Unless appraisers have questions about the property, we will not approach the front door. For properties that need verification of characteristics or properties not visible from the street, we will knock at the front door and try to make contact. In those instances, there will be a brief exterior walk-around of structures. In all cases new photos are taken. Appraisers wear distinctive vests with Skagit County on the back and carry county identification cards. They drive white vehicles with the Skagit County emblem on the side. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Assessor’s Office at 360 416-1780.

Senior exemption levels increasing for 2024

The State Legislature has voted to increase the qualifying senior and disabled veteran exemption level from 65% to 70% of the county’s median household income as calculated by the Office of Financial Management. In Skagit County, the new levels will change for the 2024 property tax year. The new thresholds will be $48,000 for Level 3, $41,000 for Level 2, and $34,000 for Level 1.

If you believe you might qualify for this exemption program, please see the additional information available on our website, or contact our office directly.

Presentation offering

Assessor Danny Hagen is offering to come and present on property taxes and how they are administered in the State of Washington. If you are a part of a group or know of a group that has questions regarding the assessment process, please reach out to our office. Danny is quite flexible and accommodating for any group wanting to have a better understanding of local taxes.

Information On Property Tax Procedures: 2023

About the Assessor's Office

The assessor acts as an agent for the Washington State Department of Revenue and is responsible for administering the property tax system for the county. This process involves establishing real and personal property values for distributing taxes for each tax district, as well as reviewing each tax district’s budget request to assure all legal requirements and limitations are met. The assessor also administers and monitors compliance for recipients of tax benefit programs, such as the Senior Citizen and Disabled Exemption program and the various Current Use programs for properties used for agriculture, timber and open space.

imapThis web site has been prepared to answer questions you might have about the property tax system in Skagit County. There are no unique rules or R.C.W.'s in Skagit County.

The property tax system is designed to treat all taxpayers equally across the State of Washington. My office works hard to treat everyone fairly and promptly. In these pages you will find a group of commonly asked questions about revaluations, the Board of Equalization , values, levies, and an assortment of useful information.

Assessor Sales Data
Assessor sales data is available in three different formats: sales files used in the annual statistical analyses, iMap visualization, and a property-specific Comparable Sales Search Tool. See the Sales Data here.

Assessor: Danny Hagen

Office Hours: 8:30 to 4:30 Mon - Fri
700 South 2nd Street, Room 204
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Phone: (360) 416-1780
FAX: (360) 416-1790

Dave Thomas
Assessor: Danny Hagen


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