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GIS Coordinator: Sean Carson

Viewing County Assessor Maps Online

iMap : Interactively view both Assessor parcel maps and related property information online.

Assessor Parcel Map PDF/DWG locator
The official Assessor tax parcel maps. These maps are updated every night.

DWF or DWG files: Due to compatibility issues we have decided to focus our support efforts more toward the Adobe’s PDF file format, we still do provide access to Autodesk’s DWG and DWF file formats. Please refer to the Autodesk web site for more information on their line of products.

Parcel Map Locator
Try the parcel map locator wizard which uses Township, Range and Section coordinates to return PDF maps down to a 1/16 of a section*.
Remember: DWF/DWG files are available in the Digital Data Warehouse.
(*where applicable)

System Support:
Skagit County GIS does not provide technical support on the Adobe Acrobat Reader or any Autodesk. We
merely provide the files (PDF-DWG-DWF) for you to view. We recommend that you carefully read the product information before downloading any software. If you are having difficulty getting software products to load on your computer or to operate correctly, please contact the vendor.

How to Report Potential Mapping Problems: If you believe that there is a mapping related error, please follow the instructions below to report the problem:

  1. Gather all your records that relate to the parcel in question.
  2. Bring the records to the Skagit County Assessor Office.
  3. Describe the problem to Assessor Office staff. They will make a copy of your records and review the parcel in question. Please be sure to leave your name and telephone number with them.
  4. The Assessor Office will notify you of their findings
  5. If an error is found, the Assessor Office will send the revision to the GIS Department for corrective action.

Tax Parcel Segregation: The parcels shown are Assessor tax parcels. They were created for the County Assessor to represent tax segregations. They do not represent "buildable lots". For example, if a parcel is placed in the "open space taxation program", it may be segmented into two pieces. One piece is taxed for "open space" while the other is reserved for "residential" use. This shows up as a parcel with a boundary line separating the different tax designations.

Layer Standards and Map Legends:
Our maps are created using a layered approach. Each layer has a specific color, line type, and name. This allows us to build maps quickly while keeping a standard look and feel. If you are interested in getting a description of each layer, you can view our "Layer Standards" (PDF) section by clicking here. Also, you may be interested in viewing our Assessor map legend, which quickly shows each map feature. Click here to view the legend.

Map Accuracy Warning: These maps were created from available public records and existing map sources not from field surveys. Map features from all sources have been adjusted to achieve a best-fit registration to the Ownership Parcels map. While great care was taken in this process, maps from different sources rarely agree as to the precise location of geographic features. The relative positioning of map features to one another results from combining different map sources without field ground truthing.