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January 15, 2014

Board of Commissioners Releases Proposed Ordinance to Regulate Potentially Dangerous Wild Animals

The Skagit County Board of Commissioners has released a proposal that would amend Skagit County Code Title 7 to provide for appropriate regulation of potentially dangerous wild animals. Under the proposal, "potentially dangerous wild animals" as defined in state law, plus all cougars and wolf hybrids, would only be allowed in qualified facilities such as accredited zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. State law already prohibits possession of potentially dangerous wild animals acquired after 2007.

How to Comment
The Board will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, February 4, at 9:30 am in the Commissioners' Hearing Room at the address below. The Board will also accept written comments until that time via email or letter at the addresses below. Please reference the "Potentially Dangerous Wild Animals Ordinance."

The Commissioners' Hearing Room is accessible for individuals with special needs or disabilities. Call the Commissioners' Office at least four days before the hearing to discuss and arrange any needed accommodations.

For further information, contact:

Linda Hammons
Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners
1800 Continental Place
Mount Vernon, WA 98273