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Drainage Utility

The Drainage Utility evaluates and addresses drainage concerns in unincorporated Skagit County outside of the County Road Right of Way.

Flood Awareness

Flood Awareness contains information to prepare you for flooding and to keep you up to date on current conditions and warnings.

Department of Emergency Management: Current Incident Information

River Level Hotline: 360-416-1404

Beavers in Skagit County

Beavers are keystone species, meaning that they have an extremely large impact on their ecosystem. They are “ecosystem engineers” that significantly alter their environment and create hotspots of biodiversity.


River Level Hotline

NEW: Beavers in Skagit County Beavers in Skagit County

Drainage Utility Project Map

Flood Awareness


Division Manager:
Jennifer E. Johnson

Natural Resource Division Contacts

Physical and Mailing Address:
1800 Continental Place
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

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