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Skagit County Clerk: Melissa Beaton

Digital Archives Search Instructions

Go to

Choose the drop down arrow on Select "Record Series". Choose "Superior Court Records". County "Skagit". Title "All Title".

Enter case number (i.e. 11-3-00011-5) and click search. Results show all case types. On bottom right of screen is Records per Page. Change to 100.

Scroll to case number desired.

Click on document you want to view.

Results show index info.

On the right click on Image # 1 of 1. First time only, download DJVU software.

Results will show top 1/3 of document. If want to purchase click the back arrow and click Add to My Shopping Cart. Follow the rest of the prompts to purchase document.

Non-certified copies are $.25 per page plus a small customer service fee (minimum $1.00)