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District Court Probation and Community Services

Director: James M. Malcolm Jr.


Skagit County District Court Probation and Community Services department offers you the tools you need to complete Mandatory and Optional community service work.

The Court grants optional community service work, when a person demonstrates that they cannot pay a fine. The option to complete community service work for part of your fine may be requested by going to the court clerk or it may already be included on your paperwork received in court.

Please Note: The Skagit County Probation department only processes Optional Community service work for Skagit County District Court. If you have a fine from a Municipal court please contact the Court clerk at that court.

The Court orders Mandatory community service work in lieu of Jail time or for a Probation Violation. If you have been ordered to complete mandatory community service work, please come into Skagit County District Court Probation and talk with Letty Castro before you begin working on your community service hours.

Download and print a copy of our Community Service Work Packet | Espanol
Be sure to read the packet carefully to be sure you are complying with the rules and restrictions

You may contact us or search this directory to verify that your organization is non-profit. Please Note: community service work done at a nonprofit organization tied to a religious organization is not acceptable.

Community Service Contact:
Marina Martinez at Skagit County District Court Probation and Community Service for any questions concerning your Community Service Work obligation
(360) 416-1279

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