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Skagit County Public Health Department On Site Sewage Management Plan

Adopted by Skagit County Board of Health October 9, 2007
Amended May 2012
As required by Washington Administrative Code 246-272A, section 0015, Local management and regulation, and Revised Code of Washington 70.118A.030, local health officers required to develop a written on site program management plan, the Skagit County Board of Health adopted the On Site Sewage Management Plan on October 9, 2007 with Ordinance O20070010.

The purpose of the on site sewage system management plan is to provide guidance, focus and direction to the Skagit County Public Health Department's on site sewage program. The management plan will guide the policies and procedures for the design, installation, operations and maintenance of on site sewage treatment systems in Skagit County in order to prevent public health hazards and risks, and to improve, restore and preserve water quality.

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Management Plan Document

2012 Amendments

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