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Director: Brian Adams

Skagit County Parks and Recreation Department

Here are some questions we receive often throughout the year:

  1. I'd like to rent the picnic shelter at the playfields behind the College. Who do I talk to ?
  2. I want to do some camping on the Skagit River. How do I find out about Howard Miller Steelhead Park?
  3. I want to register for a class/activity advertised in Skagit County Parks flyer. Who do I call ?
  4. I want to take my kids swimming at a public beach. Where do I go?
  5. How do I get on an Adult Recreation Team, i.e.: Volleyball, Basketball or Softball ?
  6. Do my pets need to be on a leash at all county parks?
  7. What youth programs does Skagit County Parks and Recreation offer ?
  8. Are youth scholarships available ?
  9. How do I reach the Skagit County Parks and Rec rain-out line to find out if my softball game is still on as scheduled ?



Answers to FAQ's on Web Site:

  1. Skagit Playfields behind Skagit Valley College has a covered picnic shelter with a barbeque pit for rental to the public…..Call (360) 416-1350 for information

  2. Howard Miller Steelhead Park is a year-round camping facility on the scenic Skagit River in Rockport, WA…..To reserve a campsite call 360-853-8808 or Fax 360-853-7315.

  3. To register for any of our Sports Leagues, Tournaments & Special Events, please call us at (360) 416-1350. We accept VISA and MasterCard.

  4. Clear Lake Beach is open from 10:00 AM until dusk, seven days per week. Clear Lake Beach is a Non-Lifeguarded Beach.

  5. Please come down to our office at 1730 Continental Place, Mount Vernon and fill out one of our information sheets for our "Sports Board" if you are interested in becoming a member of a Basketball, Softball, or Volleyball team. Our Coaches know to access this board when they are in need of more players. You can obtain a league schedule and attend games to see who needs players.

  6. Skagit County Parks and Recreation Code No. 9.41.150 states that all dogs or other pets must be physically controlled by a leash no greater than eight (8) feet while in a County Park.

  7. Skagit County Parks and Recreation offers a wide variety of youth sports programs during the year including: Basketball Skills Camp, Boys and Girls S.W.I.S.H. Basketball Leagues, Girls Fastpitch Leagues, Girls Softball Leagues, Tiger Girls Basketball Camp, Boys Baseball and Pitchers Camp, Baseball Hitters Camp, Girls Fastpitch and Pitchers Camp, Hershey Track and Field Meet, Youth Triathlon, and much, much more.

  8. For information about availability of scholarships for economically disadvantaged youths, please call our office at (360) 416-1350.

  9. Skagit County Parks and Recreation maintains a rain-out line separate from our office line for the sole purpose of informing softball team coaches and players of cancelled games due to weather, etc. That number is 360-416-1361.