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Emergency Management

Chief of Emergency Management: Julie de Losada


Did you know that local First Responders may not be able to respond to your area for
up to 72 hours if the next disaster overwhelms local resources?

You are invited to participate in
Community Emergency Response Team Training

You will be using a hybrid training format, utilizing an interactive online learning platform, CERT manual, and a student checklist which prepares you for the two-day practical hands on portion to be held on:

May 18 & 19, 2024
8:00 am to 5:00 pm Saturday & Sunday

Skagit PUD: 1415 Freeway Drive, Mount Vernon, WA

CERT Skills Checklist

Participation on these dates is required to receive an Oļ¬ƒcial CERT Course Certificate of Completion.

Register with Skagit Emergency Management - Scan QR code or
Email SkagitCoCERT@gmail.com and you will be sent a link.

Skagit Hybrid CERT Course Application



Hybrid CERT Training

Allows access via your mobile device or computer. Complete at your pace at your convenience. Course progress will be saved and can be resumed later.

Estimated online time: 12hrs
In-person, practical - 16 hrs

The Basic CERT Training teaches you basic disaster response skills so you can safely help yourself and those around you when disaster strikes and when professional responders aren’t available. Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community.

What You Learn

  1. Disaster Preparedness
  2. CERT Organization
  3. Disaster Medical Part 1
  4. Disaster Medical Part 2
  5. Disaster Psychology
  6. Fire Safety & Utility Controls
  7. Light Search and Rescue
  8. Terrorism & HazMat Safety
  9. Review & Disaster Simulation