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Geographic Information Services
Director: Geoff Almvig

DAIS - Digital Airborne Imaging System
Color Ortho-Photography of Skagit County
Provided by Space Imaging

This aerial data was collected in late July and early August of 2001. The data is one meter multi-spectral and available in several formats. The image covers much of the low elevation areas of Skagit County.

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HARDCOPY (Paper Maps)


Digital data requires that you agree to our license restrictions imposed by Space Imaging. The license agreement must be accepted with a signature before we can ship the data. Download the two License agreements, use restrictions, and Liability disclaimer

Compressed Imagery

  • We provide a Mr.Sid compressed true color version of the data.
  • CD Library. Come to our office and borrow the CD for a week (no charge).
  • Request a CD for $75 and $10 for shipping if needed (checks only please).
  • A guide on using Mr.Sid data

Raw Data