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Download the the Street Centerlines (SHP file of general road information ).This free data download is in a .zip file format for easy download.
Download the the Street Centerlines (SHP file with road names ). This free data download is in a .zip file format for easy download.

Content Citation

Title of Content: Skagit County Street Centerlines
Type of Content: Data set
Content Publisher: Kari Secrest, GIS Analyst II
Publication Place: Skagit County GIS
Publication Date: Updated daily

Content Description

Content Summary: The Skagit County Street Centerlines dataset consists of digital data describing county, state, private, and incorporated street centerlines for all of Skagit County. This dataset also contains the road numbers for all unincorporated roads lying within the county. These road numbers are assigned and maintained by the Skagit County Public Works Department in the County Road Information System (CRIS) road log. All incorporated roads are given a road number assigned and maintained by the Skagit County GIS Department. All unincorporated roads that carry county-assigned addresses are maintained via the Skagit County Address database. This data set includes those roads lying generally within Townships 33N through 36N, and Ranges 1E through16E, Willamette Meridian. Please note that the E00 file is the complete data set and includes all road features, whereas, the SHP file format is only capable of containing a single feature class. Therefore, if you want the SHP file format you may want to download both SHP files to get the complete data set.

Content Purpose: The Skagit County Street Centerlines dataset was created to provide support in street display, query, and mapping applications within Skagit County government.

Supplemental Information:

Spatial Data Information

Data Type: Vector polygon
Data Format: ERSI Shape file format
Data Projection: State Plane, Washington State, North Zone 5601 North American Datum of 1983-86

Access and Usage Information

Access Constraints: Data is free via our ftp server but must be used in accordance with our Data Use and Legal Responsibility form.

Use Constraints: The dataset is a representation of the Skagit County Commissioner District Map as of the publication date. They do not contain property-specific information relating to ownership, actual or intended use, special development conditions, special district overlays, or pending changes in designation.

Printing, copying, or transferring these files by anyone other than Skagit County Geographic Information Services (GIS) may result in errors or inadvertent changes beyond the control of Skagit County GIS. Printed material from these files, other than those produced by Skagit County GIS, may not be an accurate statement of current law. Therefore, Skagit County disclaims any warranty of merchantability or warranty of fitness of electronic files for any particular purpose, either express or implied. No representation or warranty is made concerning the accuracy, currency, completeness, or quality of any electronic file. Any user of an electronic file assumes all responsibility for use thereof, and further agrees to hold Skagit County harmless from and against any damage, loss, or liability arising from any such use.

Our digital data is copied to our ftp server every day so that you can be assured of getting the most current information. However, digital data updates may only occur periodically so be sure to check the publication date in the metadata. Printed copies of these maps are produced by Skagit County GIS and are available for review or purchase via the Skagit County GIS web site (see Map Gallery for viewing PDF files or Order a Printed Map for hard copy purchase). The best maps for roads are under the General County Maps category. Most people like the County Base Map with Insets to get a good view of the County road network. Questions or concerns relating to this data set may be directed to A full set of FGDC compliant metadata is available here.