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Chief of Corrections: Don Marlow

Skagit County Jail
Jail Alternatives Program

600 S. Third
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
(360) 416-1940

The Skagit County Jail Alternatives Program was created in 1995 as way of reducing overcrowding in the jail. The Alternatives Program includes Electronic Home Monitoring, Community Service Work Program, Work Release, Litter Crew and In-Custody Workers.

The goal of the Jail Alternatives Program is to provide options to total incarceration (jail time). For instance, the Work Release program allows participants the opportunity to retain their jobs by allowing them to go to work from the jail, and return to the jail after work. This allows them to pay their financial obligations, such as victim restitution and court fees and fines. Most offenders also pay a fee to participate in the program, so some of the costs are borne by them.

Individuals on the Community Work Program and Litter Crew have been involved in numerous projects, with continuing benefits for the citizens of Skagit County. These include litter removal, clean up of dump sites, maintenance of courthouse and park grounds. Programs such as these give individuals the opportunity to be involved in positive community projects, while at the same time fulfilling their obligations to the judicial system.

For information on these programs or eligibility requirements, contact the Jail Alternatives Program Office at the phone number listed above.

Jail Alternatives Staff:
Sergeant Ron Coakley
Deputy Jim Shuler
Deputy Mary Margaret Ryan
Deputy Nick Johnson
Deputy Keith Dillaman

Office Hours:
Mondays 8:30AM - 12:00PM
Tuesday - Friday 8:30AM - 4:00PM

For after hours contacts or emergencies, contact the Skagit County Jail at
(360) 416-1960.

(Note: all questions regarding application or eligibility must be handled during normal business hours.)