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Developmental Disabilities Program | Community Partnerships & Other Services

The Developmental Disabilities Program relies on collaborative partnerships with other local and State organizations to provide support and services for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.



Some of our key partnerships are listed below:
Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) – The Developmental Disabilities Program is primarily funded by DDA to provide services to people with developmental disabilities in our community. DDA is a State agency tasked with empowering people with developmental disabilities to live the lives they want. DDA also determines eligibility and coordinates services for clients.
Parent to Parent – A non-profit family support program that provides emotional support, informational resources, educational seminars and social/recreational events to families whose children have special health or developmental needs. Parent to Parent receives funding from Skagit County among other sources to provide services in our community.
School Districts – A child’s school district is the primary source of support, services, and resources for children with developmental disabilities ages 3-21. The Developmental Disabilities Program collaborates with local school districts to connect students to services, provide training opportunities to school staff, and to coordinate programming for transition students.
Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) – DVR is a crucial service for individuals with disabilities who are looking to receive support on their employment journey. DVR believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue meaningful work in their communities and can provide a variety of services related to employment skills, training, assistive technology, and more to reduce barriers to employment.




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