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Skagit County’s Senior Nutrition Program provides nutritious, noontime meals to seniors through a variety of services. Each meal distributed by the program is designed to provide one-third of the Recommended Daily Dietary Allowances for people over 60 years of age.

The Meals on Wheels Program provides hot and/or frozen meals to seniors who cannot leave their homes without assistance and have difficulty in preparing their own meals. Volunteers deliver all meals. The goal of the Meals on Wheels program is to enable seniors to remain at home, living independent lives even though they may not be able to prepare nutritious, well-balanced meals.

Skagit County's Congregate or Senior Center Meal Program provides hot noontime meals to seniors who are able to leave their homes and join others at designated Senior Centers. Seniors dining at a nutrition site have the opportunity to socialize with others and participate in organized activities.

Aging and Disability Resources/Senior Info and Assistance Programs

Contact the Senior Information & Assistance office to learn more about care options that can help you or a loved one stay in your own home and community. Their staff can answer questions in your home, in their office, or on the telephone. Your inquiry will be handled in a confidential and private manner, and there is no charge for Information & Assistance services.




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