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Secure Medicine Return



Protect your family and your community.
Unused, unwanted and/or expired medicines in your home pose a risk to you, your family and your community.

  • Drug Abuse. The home medicine cabinet is one of the most common places for people to go when looking for drugs to get high.
  • Accidental Poisoning. Many young children get poisoned by taking medicine not intended for them.
  • Bad for the Environment. When medicines are flushed down the toilet or thrown in the trash, it pollutes our water and soil.
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All Washington State residents can now use free, convenient, and environmentally responsible Safe Medication Return anywhere throughout Skagit County and across the State. Drug manufacturers fund the program at no cost to taxpayers.

Skagit County residents have had this program since 2018. As of November 2021, all Washington State residents have this service available!

To find updated information on drop box locations, request mailers, and find mailer distribution locations, go to MED-Project .

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Drop Boxes: MED-Project has drop boxes located at pharmacies and law enforcement locations throughout Washington State. For a list of current drop box locations, visit MED-Project or call 1-844 MED-PROJECT (1-844-633-7765).

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Mailers Sent to Individuals: In order to remove any unwanted medication from our community easily, MED-Project also offers the ability to order pre-paid, pre-addressed mailers, directly to your home.

Please visit MED-Project or call 1-844 MED-Project (1-844-633-7765) to order mailers to safely dispose of unwanted medication in your home.

Mailers are available for:

•Standard Mailer Envelopes - for medicines in pill, powder, paste, liquid and patch forms. Basically all forms of medicines except inhalers or auto-injectors.

•Inhaler Mailer Packages.

•Injector Mailer Packages - for pre-filled medications containing a sharp and auto-injectors (like expired Epi Pens).

What is Safe Medication Return?
Safe Medication Return is operated by MED-Project, the State approved program operator. Washington State Department of Health (DOH) oversees the program, monitors on-going operations, manages enforcement when compliance issues arise, and evaluates program effectiveness. Visit the WA DOH website for the latest disposal reports and information.

How does it work?
There are two main ways to return your unused medication. Both options are FREE.

1. Mail in your unused medication.
Request a free prepaid mailer by visiting MED-Project and submitting your order request.


2. Take it to a drop off site at a participating pharmacy or law enforcement office.
For a full list of locations here in Skagit County, please visit MED-Project.

What medicines are accepted by MED-Project? 
Medicines in any form including solids, liquids or patches, inhalers and prefilled products containing a sharp and auto-injectors (such as Epi Pens)

  • Prescription and over the counter medicines
  • Brand name and generic medicines
  • Controlled substances
  • Pet medications 

What medicines are NOT accepted?

  • Vitamins or supplements
  • Herbal-based remedies and homeopathic drugs, products or remedies
  • Cosmetics, shampoos, sunscreen, toothpaste, lip balm, antiperspirants or other personal care products
  • Pet pesticide products contained in pet collars, powders, shampoos or other forms
  • Medical sharps (needles, syringes) and empty auto injectables (such as used Epi Pens)
  • Medical devices
  • Medicines generated by businesses

For more information, contact:

Dale Patrick
Skagit County Public Health
700 South 2nd Street, Room 301
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Drug Take Back Act and Rules
RCW 69.48 established Washington’s Safe Medication Return Act
Chapter 246-480 WAC - Drug Take Back Program Rules