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2009: Skagit County Code Amendment Recommendations

The Department is recommending a series of code amendments to the Planning Commission for consideration. Most amendments are minor in nature and can be classified as ‘housekeeping’ that are necessary to address such things as typographical errors, inadvertent additions or omissions, and to provide clarity or consistency.

The following list highlights some of the more substantive proposed changes:

  • Addition of definitions for remodel, repair and replacement.
  • Modification of ‘substantial improvement’ as it relates to the Flood Damage Prevention provisions as well as amendments to the Flood Damage Prevention provisions themselves relating to limits on construction, reconstruction or repair within the designated floodway.
  • Inclusion of process and approval criteria for UGA boundary modification proposals.
  • Clarification of County Commissioner options relating to legislative proposals.
  • Codification of Alger Community Plan provisions relating to development, landscaping, etc.
  • Clarification of Rural Business expansion potential, requirements, and formula for calculation.
  • Addition of requirements necessary to comply with State law which requires the County to assume jurisdiction of conversion permits.

Documents (PDF):

The processing schedule for the amendments is as follows:

June 12th Release Draft Regulations for Public Review
June 30th Planning Commission Public Hearing
July 30th Planning Commission Work Session
September 1st Planning Commission Deliberations
October BoCC Review and Possible Adoption