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Planning and Development Services

The long range planning division of the Planning Department and the Planning Commission are responsible for work on legislative community planning projects.

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Current Projects

These projects are related to various aspects of Skagit County Planning including the Comprehensive Plan, Skagit County Code, and the Policies that relate to the Planning and Development Department. These are the projects that the Planning Department and Planning Commission are working hard on:The Long Range Planning Division of the Department is responsible for work on the Comprehensive Plan and other legislative and community planning projects.
Planning Projects
Projects that the Planning Department is working on and the Board of County Commissioners will hear for approval.
2024 Permit Procedures Update
2025 Comprehensive Plan Update
Shoreline Master Program
Seawater Intrusion Amendment in Sole Source Aquifers
Plans & Development Code Amendments Annual Docket
The set of laws that have been adopted to govern Skagit County. These projects serve as updates to the existing Comprehensive Plan.
2024 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Archived Projects

Projects that the Planning Department and Planning Commission have considered and the Board of County Commissioners have approved over the years through the formal process. Some of these documents are often referenced and help to add context to current planning projects.

Planning Projects Archive
I-502 Marijuana Implementation
2009 Miscellaneous Code Amendments
2011 Ag-Critical Areas Ordinance
2012 Flood Damage Prevention
2020 Countywide Planning Policies Cleanup
2020 Flood Damage Prevention Update
2023 Impact Fee Schedule Update
2023 Building and Fire Code Update
Airport Environs Overlay Update
Bayview Ridge School Siting
Building Codes and Fee Schedule 2016 Update
Campground/Master Planned Resort code amendments
Capital Facilities Plan and Transportation Improvement Plan Update
Conservation Subdivisions
Conservation and Development Incentives Program 
Conservation Futures Advisory Board Ex-Officio Members Update
Critical Areas Ordinance 2006 Update
Duration of Preliminary Approval of Short Subdivisions
Envision Skagit 2060
FEMA NFIP Biological Opinion Compliance
Kennel Regulations
Latecomer’s Agreements
NMFS/FEMA Biological Opinion Project
Non-Motorized Trails in Industrial Forest
Off-Site Mitigation on Agricultural Lands
Permit Procedures Update
Pipeline Safety
Planning & Land Use Legislation Ordinance
Revisions to SCC Chapter 14.44 Enforcement/Penalties
Setbacks Reform
Stormwater Code Update 2017
Stormwater Code Updatte 2022
Stormwater Permit 2015 Code Update
Transfer of Development Rights Project
Water Pollution Code Update
Wetland Mitigation Banks in Ag-NRL
Wireless Facilities
Annual Docket Archive
The docket is the formal process by which the Skagit County Planning Commissioners hear from the public and consider changes to the Skagit County Code and Comprehensive Plan.

Sanfi Acres Comprehensive Plan Amendment Remand

Planning and Development Services
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