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2021Comprehensive Plan
(Full document June 30, 2016)

Skagit County Comprehensive Plan

Skagit County Planning is about to kickoff the 2025 Comprehensive Plan Update process.
Follow the process and get upates here.

The primary purpose of comprehensive planning is to help the public and elected officials define objectives, set priorities, and seek solutions to long-term issues.

The Comprehensive Plan provides a sense of direction, a broad overview of where a community is (existing conditions), and where it is going (trends and vision). It is a way of ensuring that a community's health, safety, and general welfare are protected by striving for and creating a better, healthier, more efficient, and aesthetically pleasing environment in which to live. 

The Skagit County Comprehensive Plan to addresses the planning elements required by the state Growth Management Act and to provide goals, policies, and strategies for managing growth over the next 20 years. The Comprehensive Plan can be amended annually, see the following amendments: 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2021 | 2022 | 2023 | 2025


Comprehensive Plan Maps

Zoning in the County is based on the Comprehensive Plan Land Use Element.  The official zoning map that is adopted as part of the Comprehensive Plan can be found in our Map Gallery, or available as an interactive map on Skagit GIS department’s iMap; (now updated to reflect the 2018 Update changes.)

Transportation Technical Appendix


Appendix A1 Road Network
Appendix A2 - FGTS Maps
Appendix A3 Bike Map
Appendix A4 Trail Map

Map Gallery

Capital Facilities Plans

The Capital Facilties Plan is a technical appendix to the Skagit County Comprehensive Plan. It implements the Comprehensive Plan’s Capital Facilities Element (Chapter 10) and is updated annually. Capital facilities include: 

General Government 
Community Services
Law and Justice
Parks, Trails, and Recreation (including Fairgrounds)
Sewer System
Solid Waste
Stormwater Management


Project Monitoring

The Comprehensive Plan contains to number of monitoring policies focused around natural resource land conversion, environmental mitigation, and growth rates.  Many of which are outlined in Chapter 12.  Many of these indicators are still in development. Population and Housing Annual Reporting by GMA Steering Committee

(SCOG external link) In Progress: Natural Resource Lands In Progress: Critical Areas Monitoring

Building Permit Reporting
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Parks and Recreation Plan

This document is included by reference in the Skagit County Comprehensive Plan. (2013)

Parks & Recreation 2012-2018 Plan

Shoreline Management Plan

Officially known as the Shoreline Management Master Program of Skagit County, contains policies and development regulations for freshwater and marine shorelines of Skagit County.  This is considered Chapter 6 of the Comprehensive Plan.

The Shoreline Program is being updated, for the latest drafts and announcements check the shoreline update webpage.
Shoreline Management Program (1976)

Subarea Plans

A subarea plan puts into action the general policies of the Comprehensive Plan at a much finer scale and level of detail. Patterns of land use, design, traffic are a function of local economic, social, physical health, safety and welfare issues of the people who live and work within the community planning area. 

Alger Community Plan (2008)
Bayview Ridge Subarea Plan (2014)
Guemes Island Subarea Plan (2011)
Hamilton Subarea Plan (2008)
South Fidalgo Subarea Planning Process (Not adopted)
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Countywide Planning Policies
(January 2021)  

Countywide Planning Policies

A countywide planning policy is a written policy statement or statements used solely for establishing a countywide framework from which county and city comprehensive plans are developed and adopted pursuant to the Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A.210). A Countywide Planning Policy “clean-up” is underway. Countywide Planning Policy 1 (June 30, 2016) provides growth allocations between the unincorporated County, the cities and the Urban Growth Areas. This policy is updated in concurrently with the Comprehensive Plan periodic updates.

The Framework Agreement (November 26, 2002) sets the parameters for decision making related to the Countywide Planning Policies by jurisdictions on the Skagit Council of Government’s Growth Management Act Steering Committee.

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Reports and Plans Related to the Comprehensive Plan

These documents are not necessarily part of the Comprehensive Plan, yet help guide land use and development across the Unicorporated Skagit County.

Coordinated Water System

Coordinated Water System Plan

Open Space Concept Plan

Skagit Countywide UGA Open Space Concept Plan (2009)

Natural Hazards Mitigation

Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan (2014)

Archived Comprehensive Plan Documents 

The adoption of a new comprehensive plan replaces older comprehensive plans. The following selected comprehensive plans are no longer in effect: Comprehensive Plan Amendments and Related Documents Historical Plans & Studies 
These documents are NOT part of the Comprehensive Plan:
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