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Checking Your Permit Status

If you've submitted a permit application, here's how to check your permit status:

Review Timeframe: Our goal is to complete all reviews within 60 days after your permit is deemed complete. However, this is a target, not an exact date, and may vary based on the complexity of your project, and completeness of the submittal documents.

Approval Timeframe: The approval timeframe also depends on whether additional information is required.

  • Permit Status Initiation: Permit status begins after the application is deemed complete. Please note that reviews cannot begin until all required documents are uploaded, and initial fees are paid.
  • Check the Portal for “Waiting for Applicant" Status: If an item is listed as "Waiting for Applicant", please respond promptly to any county requests for more information.
  • Check the Portal If you haven't received a permit number, please check the portal for updates.
Contact Us Only If
Please reach out to the department only if the application has been deemed complete for more than 60 days, does not indicate any additional items waiting for response, and a permit packet has not been received.

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Thank you for your cooperation in this process. Your understanding and timely responses help us serve you better.