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Since 1979 there have been 70 reported Homicides, Attempted Homicides, and Solicitation to Commit Homicide in Skagit County. There are 11 open/unsolved investigations.

There are also three missing persons cases in which the missing person has been missing for many years.

If you have information about any of these cases contact the Sheriff's office or use our Tip Form.

The following are summaries of those investigations:

79-5720 Homicide
Gisbert "Ben" Kistemaker
80-5627 Homicide
Unidentified Remains
83-6211 Unsolved Missing Person
Christine A. Civille
92-10135 Unsolved Missing Person
Arlene Stewart
93-5861 Homicide
Donna Arrasmith
97-06660 Unsolved Missing Person
James Duxbury
97-11697 Homicide
Vicky Silves
98-636 Homicide
Geoff Reynolds
01-02942 Unidentified Remains/Homicide
Hispanic male
01-07532 | 02-04674 Homicide
Lydia Varo-Braschler
02-17605 Homicide
Eddie Rieckers
07-01365 Unidentified Remains/Homicide
Female, Asian, Native American, or Hispanic