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The Skagit County Sheriff's Office receives many common questions regarding a variety of topics. The following F.A.Q. attempts to address these topics. If your question or topic is not covered here please contact the sheriff's office by telephone at (360)416-1911, in person at 600 South Third Street Mount Vernon WA 98273 or by email at If you have an emergency please dial 9-1-1 or the non-emergency 24 hour line at (360) 428-3211.

Q: Can I have my fingerprints taken?

A:  Schedule online

Q: Can I find out if someone has been booked into jail?

A: Yes. The sheriff's office offers a searchable jail roster to locate someone in jail and the reason(s) they were booked into jail.

Q: I recently saw the sheriff's deputies respond to my street. Can I find out why?

A: Yes. With certain exceptions and restrictions you can now view an online interactive crimeMap that will show you all of the calls the sheriff's office has responded to within a period of time you choose.

Q: Can I find out how many times the sheriff's office has responded to my neighborhood and why?

A: Yes. The sheriff's office has a new tool to help you. The interactive crimeMap is a tool that allows you select the types of criminal activity you wish to view and will display the results on a map of your neighborhood for your selected period of time.

Q: Is there a noise or barking dog ordinance in the county?

A: Effective 1/1/2008 the county has adopted a new noise ordinance. In general terms no one is allowed to cause noise that unreasonably disturbs or intereferes with the peace, comfort and repose of property owners usually between the hours of 10:00pm and 7:00am. However, there are exceptions to these rules. Please view the full county code here

Q: Is there a leash law in Skagit County?

A: Currently there is no leash law in unincorporated Skagit County. As always there are exceptions to these rules. A dog may be deemed "Dangerous" by the court system if it shows a documented pattern of aggressive behavior towards people or livestock. Please contact Skagit County Animial Control via the Skagit 9-1-1 Communications Center (emergencies dial 9-1-1 non-emergencies dial (360) 428-3211) to report aggresive dogs in your neighborhood.

Q: How do I get a hold of a deputy to file a "non-emergency" complaint.

A:The best way to get a hold of a deputy for both emergency and non-emergency complaints is through the Skagit 9-1-1 center. For emergencies please dial 9-1-1. Otherwise you may use the non-emergency 24 hour line (360) 428-3211. The sheriff's office does not have a "station deputy" and our deputies are usually out of the office handling calls or are on routine patrol. All of our deputies are equipped with nearly all of the tools necessary to handle your complaint from the field.

Q: I heard my name or vehicle being run over the scanner. Can I find out why?

A: Unfortunately, our communications center handles millions of radio transmissions every year. Tracking a specific piece of communication is nearly impossible. Additionally, we cannot release information regarding any ongoing or active investigations as it may jeopardize the investigation as well as the safety of our deputies. You may be able to locate the information you are looking for by using the interactive crimeMap.